8 Reasons why a Marquee wedding is right for you.

When thinking about your wedding you want everything to be perfect. It is after all supposed to be the best day of your life. Here at Orbit we know how venues can limit your day . If you would like a complete bespoke wedding, one that you can really make your own , Its simple- have a Marquee wedding.

We have broken down the 8 reasons why a Marquee wedding is all you should be thinking about.

1. You can choose your own location and venue.
All we need to set up a marquee is a bit of space. Many people choose an area with breath-taking scenery or a place that has sentimental nostalgia. Even if you don’t have this, there is lots of venues that will let you use the outdoor space rather than the whole package. Halls, hotels and resorts have beautiful outdoor areas, that would make any wedding spectacular.

2. Numbers don’t matter.
Marquees give you an unlimited number of guests. They come in many different sizes that can be expanded or made small for an intimate wedding.

3. Take advantage of the countryside.
We’re surrounded with some of the country’s most beautiful scenery: The Ribble Valley, Yorkshire Dales and of course we aren’t too far from the stunning Lake District. We have Marquees available with fitted clear ‘windows’, which would allow a great amount of light in (great for photographs) and great for you, and your guests to admire the scenery. Imagine how dreamy this would be, imagine the sun sets !

4. You can decide on your theme and decorations.

The best thing about having a marquee wedding is that it is a blank canvas and you truly make it your own bespoke wedding. Whether you choose a country theme, with a wooden bar and matching table and chairs, or you choose a simple elegant theme. It’s all your choice and we can help bring your ideas to life. Interior wedding decorations are endless when it comes to a marquee wedding. We offer some beautiful lighting, to set the mood for your first dance or we have lights that can make your marquee more a vibrant and fun vibe.

5. Budget
With a marquee wedding you can set and work to your own budget. There is a lot of flexibility as you can choose your own caterers, florist, decorations etc. Some larger venues may expect you to use their own recommended suppliers which can work out a little pricey.

6. Stages and Dance Floors
With a marquee you call the shots. You decide where the entertainment will be. It can be centered, in the corner or you may want a separate party tent.  Don’t worry, we can provide stages and different sized dance floors depending on the number of guests.




7. No last calls
If you have a marquee wedding and chose to have it on your own land, or someone you knows land, there is no limit on how long you can party on for, no last orders or set home time!

8. Free quote
At Orbit we want your special day to be as hassle free as possible. We understand the importance of a wedding and love helping our customers bring their ideas to life. We are always available to have a discussion and we offer a free quote to help you decide if a marquee wedding is right for you and your partner. Believe us when we say, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Orbit.

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