Decoration Ideas For A Marquee Wedding

You want a Marquee wedding but don’t know how to make it look chic? We have some decoration ideas that will make your Marquee wedding a night everybody will remember…

Balloons are the new bunting

One of our favourite marquee decoration ideas comes in the shape of a balloon. But not just any balloon. Forget the foil, garish things on weighted strings – leave those for the kids’ parties. The ‘in thing’ for wedding balloons right now are opaque, complete with tassels or pom poms. Choose yours in primary colours for the fun factor or chic whites and metallics.

Whether they will be used for ‘Mr and Mrs’ balloons – tied to bride and groom’s chairs or having an ombré of balloons in the wedding colours behind the top table. You can even have them strategically placed throughout your marquee. Balloon at a wedding are becoming less childish and more chic, you could say they are taking over flowers.

Colour coordinate your confetti

If you haven’t heard of Confetti Pops, you’re going to be glad we’ve told you! Instead of the usual, putting your clammy hands into a basket of confetti, eagerly anticipating the brides exit from the church, so you can shower her in colourful paper. Only to go in for the big throw and the it’s stuck to your hand like tar and feathers. This makes the revelation of confetti pops all the greater! the latest accessory to hit celebrity weddings and in-crowd celebrations is a cross between a party popper and a box of confetti. Think of them as mini handheld confetti canons – essential for getting the confetti money shot just right. What’s more, they come in beautifully curated colour combos called lovely things like Flamingo Pink and Golden Slumber, or you can pick n mix your own to match the decor. They are all made from natural delphinium and wild flower petals and are 100% biodegradable so you won’t leave any mess behind once the tent has been taken down. Prices start from £2.55 per Confetti Pop.

Marquee decoration ideas with lighting

The big light trend in 2018 is the festoon lights. It’s a huge Marquee wedding trend. They have a retro look which contrasts beautifully with the rustic elements of a marquee and intertwining battery powered wire lights amongst floral ar-

rangements is popular with wedding stylists as a glamorous, yet affordable way to add sparkle to table centrepieces. A big trend this years is to fill mason jars with battery powered tea lights or bundles of fairy lights. These look beautiful suspended outside and as most will have timers, you don’t have to remember to blow them out as you would with candles.’

Florals and greenery


You can bring the beauty of the Lancashire outdoors in with floral arrangements that complement your bouquet. From table centerpieces to suspended structures, the options are endless with flowers. We are sure you have seen the new craze of ‘flower walls’. Celebrity florist Jeff Leatham

was one of the first to introduce us to the world of flower walls! – thank you Jeff! If your budget can allow it, a flower ceiling or wall will add a touch of luxury to proceedings. Greenery can also look superb as a theme throughout the marquee; request a show-stopping ceiling centerpiece or as table additions.

drapery in

You can change the style of a Marquee by hanging drapes to decorate the inside. Decorating with drapes creates a very chic look for your big day. If you Drape over the marquee lining on the ceiling and at the entrance, mixed with festoon lights underneath for a show-stopping finish and spell-binding Lancashire glow come dusk.

illuminate the surroundings.

Twinkling trees are a firm favourite when creating an enchanting atmosphere outside your marquee. Check out the LED blossom trees that have become popular for outdoor weddings, or speak to topiary suppliers who would be happy for you to adorn the trees in fairy lights or hanging baubles. Lancashire has some of the most outstanding scenery, image that mixed with the right greenery and lighting. With ideas like these you can create a fairy wonderland. Help your guests get lost in your wedding.

A Marquee wedding is a blank canvas. It gives you the opportunity to create your own bespoke wedding. With ideas like these you can create something truly magical and we would love to help. Lancashire has some of the most amazing locations to put up a marquee and throw a wedding of a lifetime. It all begins with a phone call…

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