Why Is Stage Lighting So Important?

When you watch a performance, whether that’s a gig, theatre or dance performance the aesthetics is a huge role in making it spectacular. Here at Orbit, we understand the importance of using the most modern lighting technologies to amplify any stage performance.

Why is Stage lighting just as important as the stage:

• The point of a stage is so that a mass of people can go and watch shows, gigs and performances and can be seen from near or far. This is enhanced with best quality lighting to make the audiences viewing so much more pleasurable. The first and foremost reason for lighting is to make sure the audience can see what is happening on stage.

• It holds special importance when it comes to a musical concerts and theatrical performances. This is because you can set the focus on certain people, objects just with lighting. Spot lighting is a great way to get the crowd to focus on one thing. Again, this is a great way for the audience to have a clear view of what is focused on, no matter where they are seated.

• In theatre and gigs, certain effects and emotions need to be created. For instance, if it is a storm scene, then you could have the lighting create a rain effect along with sound aesthetics, instead of drenching the cast with real life like rain. In addition to this, lighting can create atmosphere and emotion for the audience. If a song performance is meant to provoke feelings of sadness, the lighting should be slow, and dim to connote this to the audience.

• Sometimes, dim lighting might also be required, as we said above.  We provide spectacular stage lighting for our clients, that varies from dim lighting to LED. For more information on our light range please email us on – 

• Lighting can be synchronised or designed to enhance the sound experience. This is used by professional musicians all the time. This combined effect makes for a captivated audience that will be sure to tell their friends and family about the amazing stage production they experienced. Lighting brings a performance to a different visual level, it can make the music seem more powerful and trying set your scenes wild.


                                                                                                                 Laser lights are great for a DJ gig.

                                                                Coloured lighting – this burnt orange effect connotes the rock element to this gig.

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