Top Trends To Watch For Business Events

If you have to organise events for your business, or you work as an event manager who deals with various clients, you might be interested in what’s coming down the line in terms of trends within corporate events.

A new report from the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Foundation and Marriott International has highlighted a number of macro trends that are expected to come to the fore in business events in the next five years.

The first relates to the design of events, and more specifically how to do this while keeping the end user at the front of your mind. Also on the list is what’s called orchestrated serendipity. This is described as “engineering unexpected, but meaningful moments”.

It’s probably little surprise that there’s expected to be a bigger focus on social impact, sustainability and meaningful experiences. Another trend to be aware of is that for “creating adaptive spaces”.

Finally, there’s the idea of an event having a “clear sense of place”. That means making the most of the setting you choose and aligning that to your business, whether you’re making use of Southport marquees or hiring a different kind of venue.

Senior vice president for global sales at Marriott International Tammy Routh commented: “The meetings and event industry’s future is being shaped by so many factors – from people’s desire to be part of a broader community to their expectations when they travel.”

Last month, Event Industry News highlighted some of the top technology trends coming to the events space. Among the things to watch are the likes of augmented and virtual reality, as well as AI and blockchain, and a growing number of interactive games and activities.

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