Venue ‘Top Priority’ For Couples Planning A Wedding

The venue is one of the first things that couples get sorted when organising their weddings, which may mean arranging wedding marquee hire in Accrington as well as booking the location for your nuptials.

The Independent recently highlighted a survey by Virgin Holidays, which found that booking a venue is at the top of the list of priorities for newly engaged couples. The research revealed that the average couple in the UK spends over 500 hours planning their big day.

Some of the most time-consuming tasks include searching for a wedding dress, which typically takes around 11 hours, and contacting and finding caterers, which takes around eight hours.

Couples also spend an average of nine hours deciding who to include on their guest list, and a similar length of time working out where to go on their honeymoon.

The jobs often left to the last minute included sorting out party favours, decorations and hair and makeup, the newspaper noted.

Yvonne Bakouris, who’s been a wedding planner with Virgin Holidays for over 20 years, said social media has changed the way people think about their weddings.

“Pinterest and Instagram have changed the wedding planning process immensely – and made destination weddings seem much more appealing for the average person,” she told the news provider.

Earlier this month, Pinterest shared the most searched wedding trends of 2019 so far. One of the top trends is for budget-friendly weddings, with searches for this term up by 80 per cent, Country Living revealed.

Searches for sustainable weddings have also skyrocketed, climbing by 181 per cent , the news provider added.

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